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Specialising in family law, civil disputes, property issues, wills and probate.

Routh Clarke Solicitors is a practice like no other. Firstly, we listen to your legal problems at a time and place convenient for you, then we advise you of your next steps and your choices, in a language you understand. If after this you decide you need our services, it's only at this point we start charging. Secondly, you will only ever deal with one Solicitor, Nick Routh. This means he will know your case inside out. You can speak to him on the phone, by email or in person, he will always be there for you and he will only charge you by the type of work he does, not by the years of experience he has. Thirdly, we can do as little or as much as you need us to do, depending on your expertise and resources. Finally we have many funding options, from spreading your costs over a longer period to credit card payments. All this, together with the experience, down-to-earth attitude and friendliness of Nick and his team, makes for a perfect working partnership.

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Wills & LPAs

"The environment created is warm & welcoming, not at all what I imagined a solicitors to be like. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and clear break down of the process made for an enjoyable experience. Thank you." Mat K

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If you need family legal advice, whether you have split up from your partner or spouse, you need to stop someone from harassing you, you need to make a Will, set up a Lasting Power of Attorney, or perhaps you need help with obtaining probate, then Nick is here to guide you through the legal process. He will always give clear understandable advice and ensure you completely understand what is happening and you have all the information you need to make the decisions you will need to make and that you comprehend the implications of those decisions. His clients say he is approachable and friendly, yet efficient and tough on difficult opposite parties when required. If you'd like an initial no-obligation chat, call us on 01935 823883 and see whether he can help you...

Personal Injury

Routh Clarke has many years' experience dealing with Personal Injury claims, whether from a Road Traffic Accident, Motorbike, Bicycle or Car, or from an Accident at Work or a slip, trip or fall elsewhere. Personal Injury is a complex area of law which requires a specialist to ensure you receive the maximum damages you deserve. Routh Clarke have helped many clients when other solicitors failed, so call us today.


If you have a property dispute, such as a builder who has not completed a project according to the contract, or you are a landlord or tenant needing advice, or perhaps someone with a ToLATA issue where you need to establish your share in a property that is jointly owned, Routh Clarke are here to help you. Call us for a no-obligation chat about your problems and see if we can point you in the right direction.

Civil Disputes

Many of us have had instances where a contract or agreement has not been adhered to, perhaps a solicitor has charged you more than they should, or another professional has been negligent, or a builder has not completed a build according to the contract. We're here to advise you...

Nick Routh

Nick Routh

Nick Routh is the Managing partner of the firm and is the reason for its success. He not only brings years of experience as a partner in a large practice specialising in family law, solicitors costs, building disputes, wills and trusts, road traffic accidents and road traffic law, but he brings his unique friendliness and way of explaining the law, meaning his clients understand what is happening and where their case is heading. Having moved the practice from the three counties borders of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire to the three counties borders of Devon, Somerset and Dorset, near Yeovil, he provides legal services both in the South West and across England and Wales. His clients are based from Manchester to Ipswich to London to Plymouth. Wherever they are based, Nick ensures they feel he is working with them and for them.

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