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Civil Dispute Solicitors

At Routh Clarke we understand that disputes and disagreements with other people and companies, can be extremely stressful. When you are no longer able to deal with it yourself or when the other party decides to take legal action, you need a skilled communicator, negotiator and litigator to act for you. We have helped many people to resolve their commercial or personal disputes, using the most appropriate dispute resolution method, such as mediation, negotiated settlement or if necessary court proceedings. We know the financial side of civil litigation scares many people, so we always keep this in mind and endeavour to reduce the financial risk by being transparent on costs and trying to minimise them, finding the optimum funding method, such as a conditional fee agreement, whilst giving you a high level of service.

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The types of civil litigation we cover are:

  • Civil litigation — We advise on all types of civil claims, including breach of contract, trusts of land claims, non-payment of debts and general business disputes
  • Commercial litigation — We act for individual business owners who encounter difficulties with partners and fellow directors and protect those working in informal business arrangements.
  • Employment law — We advise on all aspects of compromise agreements.
  • Solicitors Costs - This is one of our specialist areas of expertise and we have helped many clients to challenge their solicitor’s bill and have it significantly reduced.
  • Property disputes – We can help solve all your property disputes whether you are in the construction trade, a landlord, a tenant or a private individual who has a dispute with a builder or perhaps a neighbour.
  • Family law - We represent clients going through divorce or separation and advise on arrangements for children, the division of matrimonial assets and maintenance payments.
  • Probate disputes - We assist personal representatives and Executors facing claims against an estate and advise people who wish to dispute the contents of a will.
  • Personal Injury - We are specialist personal injury solicitors who have helped many people gain compensation for injuries suffered in all types of accidents.
  • Professional Negligence – We represent clients when a “professional” has failed to perform their duties adequately resulting in a loss or damage to the client.

What is the Legal Process for Civil Litigation?

Our website provides comprehensive information on the legal process for civil litigation, so if you do decide to take things into your own hands, or you have to defend a civil litigation claim, you will be able to understand and follow the civil litigation claims process as defined by the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) for small claims, fast track and multi-track claims.

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