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Wills and Trusts

Our Wills and Trusts section is extremely comprehensive and includes lots of information to help you make decisions about your Will. We have answered many questions people have about Wills and includes our Seven Step Guide to Writing A Will and our Simple Will Planner which will guide you through the Will writing process.

We are also on a mission to help everyone write a Will, which is one of the reasons why we take part in the annual St Margaret's Hospice Free Will Month each year. It is estimated about 70% of people in the UK die without writing a Will, meaning assets are distributed according to the law and intestacy rules, not according to personal wishes. It also means families have to deal with a more complex probate situation at a time when they are grieving most. Even worse, if you are cohabitating and your partner dies without a Will, you have no automatic rights on their estate.

Making a Will is something we all know we should do, but continually put off. Usually there are many reasons for the delay, such as thinking “Do I really need a Will?” or perhaps having to decide who will be guardians of your children or your Will executors and not least because it is recognising our own mortality.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you are worried about who will manage your affairs or make decisions about your care when you are not capable of doing so yourself, you might want to think about appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney.

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