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Specialising in family law, civil disputes, property issues and personal injuries

Routh Clarke Solicitors is a unique practice that puts its clients at the centre of its business. That means we are always flexible, whether that’s where we meet and how we discuss your issues, what type of service we provide, or how you pay for the services. Legal issues tend to be stressful, so we try to take as much stress away as possible by making sure you are informed so you can make the right choices for you.

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Routh Clarke Solicitors

How we do Business

  • We meet you at a place convenient for you, whether that’s by phone or at your home, office, or coffee bar.
  • We give you half an hour of free time to discuss your issues, so you can decide your next steps.
  • Nick Routh is the only solicitor you will deal with, so he will know your case inside out and he can represent you as a solicitor and in court, if necessary, as a solicitor advocate.
  • Nick can do as little or as much as you need him to do, depending on your expertise and resources and he will only charge you according to the type of work he does, not the years of experience he has.
  • When it comes to payment, we are also flexible and can spread your costs over a longer period or even take credit card payments.

All this, together with the experience, down-to-earth attitude and friendliness of Nick and his team, makes for a perfect working partnership.

Who is Nick Routh?

Nick Routh is the Managing partner of the firm and is the reason for its success. He not only brings years of experience as a partner in a large practice specialising in family law, solicitors costs, building disputes, wills and trusts, road traffic accidents and road traffic law, but he brings his unique friendliness and way of explaining the law, meaning his clients understand what is happening and where their case is heading. Having moved the practice from the three counties borders of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire to the three counties borders of Devon, Somerset and Dorset, near Yeovil, he provides legal services both in the South West and across England and Wales. His clients are based from Manchester to Ipswich and from London to Plymouth. Wherever they are based, Nick ensures they feel he is working with them and for them.