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Finances On Your Divorce And Dissolution

This area deals with the arrangements made to divide money and property following the break down of a relationship. Normally, unless the relationship has been extremely brief, money and property will have been accumulated during the relationship and this will need to be divided. Property means more than just bricks and mortar and includes furniture, antiques, savings and investments.

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Dealing with your Financial Arrangements?

Where do you start?

It is possible for either party to apply for financial orders, it does not need to be the applicant for the divorce/dissolution proceedings, so you can apply as soon as the proceedings are commenced.

The first thing to look at are the financial assets of your partnership. The Money Advice Service website has an online calculator which will, amongst other things, help you create scenarios for splitting what you have. Next, as this is a fairly complex are of law, it would be very wise to talk to a solicitor to get some basic advice – with Routh Clarke this initial chat is free. If your joint financial situation is fairly limited, there will be little debate on how it should be split and you may be able to agree a way forward with your partner, perhaps through mediation if communication is difficult. If you can agree terms, this can be made legally binding with a consent order.

What if you can't agree?

If you are unable to agree how your finances should be divided, even with mediation, it will be necessary to obtain a financial order. Although it is possible to do this as a Litigant-In-Person, we would recommend you use the services of a solicitor. The proceedings for financial orders are much less straightforward than the proceedings for a divorce, due to the large number of different orders that could be obtained. The more complex your financial affairs, the more wise it will be to speak to a solicitor early in the divorce process, to ensure you get as fair a deal as possible. They should advise you on the how the court deals with financial orders, the specific financial orders you should apply for, the protocol that will be used throughout the matter and if necessary the procedure for obtaining a financial order through the Courts.

Common Questions and Circumstances

What to do now?

Below you will find a list of common questions and circumstances which relate to financial orders and these may give your some useful background information which may help you. Contact us now on 01935 823883 so we can give you specific advice for your situation.

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