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Whether you have an accident in your car, or on your motorcycle or bicycle, Routh Clarke are the solicitors to help you. Your road traffic accident claim will be dealt with by an experienced lawyer, right from the outset, not a claims handler. We have vast experience of dealing with Personal Injury Claims for injuries ranging from relatively minor whiplash to ligament damage, broken bones, multiple trauma, paraplegia, amputation, brain injury and fatal accidents. We regularly take over claims from other companies, who have less experience in difficult areas such as:

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We can also help with claims when the accident was caused by an animal, a pedestrian or child, a foreign driver and an uninsured driver or untraced driver. This wealth of knowledge allows us to gain the best compensation possible for your injuries. We are also especially expert in high loss of earnings cases, or where people's jobs and careers have suffered as a result of injuries. The vast majority of road traffic accidents do not reach trial, either because the victim has a good lawyer, who forces settlement or a bad lawyer who advises the client to settle, when they should not. Make sure you have a expert lawyer on your side–call us today so you can receive the best compensation possible.

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Information On Making A Road Traffic Accident Claim

How much compensation will I receive?

For every road traffic accident claim, we strive to maximise the damages we recover for you, which include not only damages for your personal injury, but any medical costs, loss of earnings and pension, loss of possessions such as clothes, and sometimes future care costs. In some circumstances we will also be able to gain you payments on account to tide you over until you receive you total compensation.

How will my legal costs be paid?

We deal with road traffic compensation claims under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which is sometimes referred to as a “no win no fee agreement”. If you have any Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) through home or motor insurance, this may indemnify you against any costs. It is even possible in many instances to gain After The Event (ATE) insurance if required.

How long after my accident can I claim?

In most cases you can only pursue a personal injury claim within 3 years of the accident or from the time you realised you had sustained injuries from the accident. In reality this means you must have “issued proceedings” with the court within 3 years to be allowed to pursue your claim. For Under 18’s who have suffered an injury, it must be done within 3 years of their 18th birthday. Only in exceptional circumstances can this time limitation be lifted and we would advise talking to us if this applies to you.

How long will my road traffic accident claim take?

For accidents occurring after the 31st July 2013, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has introduced a streamlined claim process. This means a straightforward accident claim going through this process should reach settlement in about nine months. However, many claims fall out of this process, due to their complexity or perhaps the other driver denying liability for the accident and this can extend the time needed to reach an agreeable settlement. For more information on what happens during a road traffic accident claim, please see our Personal Injury Claims Process.

Changing Solicitors?

Many people don’t realise you can choose the solicitor you want to deal with your personal injury claim. Often when you have had an accident, your insurance company will allocate a solicitor to your case. Sometimes you might not get the level of service that is warranted and this is generally because a legal executive is dealing with your claim rather than an experienced solicitor. As most cases are covered by Legal Expenses Insurance, your case can be dealt with by any solicitor you choose. If you don’t think you are receiving the level of communication, service or advice you would like, then call us today so we can put your mind at rest. We will ask you some questions about your claim, to see if it is proceeding as it should, or whether perhaps you should think about changing solicitors, to someone with more specialist experience of road traffic personal injury claims.

How can Routh Clarke help you?

The first thing to do is contact us, so we can talk to you about your accident and help you decide your best way forward. Nick Routh is a keen motorist, biker, cyclist and runner and is on the road everyday, using at least one of these modes of transport. He was brought up on a farm and could drive a tractor before a car. He closely followed this with a motorbike, learning to ride on his father’s old Royal Marine display team bike. He has driven/ridden/run in all weathers and on all terrains and has even been much closer to the underside of a London bus than he would have liked, or was healthy for him! He is also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). So if you want someone to represent you, who knows what they’re talking about and who can explain the legal process in a language you will understand, call Nick now for a no-obligation chat about your accident.

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