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Motorcycle Accident Liability - Highway Spills

These motorcycle accidents usually arise when a motorcyclist loses control of their motorcycle due to something on the carriageway. It can be as obvious as a suitcase or as subtle as diesel or ice.

To be able to bring a claim you have to be able to show someone caused the accident. If diesel, petrol or anti-freeze are dropped onto the road, an accident is likely to occur. The same is true if water is allowed to escape from a property and it forms ice on the road. Where an accident does happen and it is obvious someone has been negligent, a claim for damages can be sought.

A lot of solicitors tend to avoid dealing with this type of claim because it is out of the ordinary and insurers are likely to fight. Most legal expenses insurers also refuse to cover these types of accidents. If you have been told there is nothing you can do, then please call us to discuss the matter. We will quickly be able to tell you if they are right or wrong. If it goes no further it costs you nothing.

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