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Nick Routh

Nick Routh obtained a first degree in Computer Studies before pursuing a career in the Royal Navy, where he passed out 4th in his year at Dartmouth. He had appointments within the School of Mechanical Engineering and as an Instructor at the Royal Navy’s basic training establishment before being seconded to the Royal Marines. During this time he taught a range of subjects from Nuclear Physics, to Human Rights and the Geneva Convention, to Interrogation techiques - the latter have proved to be very useful in his later career, particularly when questioning the opposing side in court! In 1996 his branch of the Navy disbanded and this was an ideal opportunity for him to pursue a legal career.

He completed an accelerated Law Degree within two years at Southampton University, obtaining a first in his dissertation. He then trained to become a Barrister in London and was called to the Bar in 1999.

As a keen motorcyclist (riding since 1990) he was happy to join a specialist personal injury practice in 2000, also taking on their employment, family and private client (Wills and trusts) work. He cross-qualified as a Solicitor in 2002 and became a Partner in 2006. During this time he realised he wanted to spend more time working in other areas of law and so left at the end of 2008 to set up his own practice. Since then the new practice, Routh Clarke Solicitors, has gone from strength to strength and has become even more focused on providing a very high level of service and customer satisfaction. Nick's strengths lay in his ability to empathise with his clients and knowing how to speak plainly, cutting out most of the "legalese", so his clients totally understand what is happening with their case. He understands the emotional turmoil most cases bring; he tries to guide his clients through this, whilst ensuring they are aware of what courts and other agencies will want to see happen in their situation. His realistic, yet hopeful approach, is one clients appreciate and that's why referrals provide most of his new clients.

While with the Marines he started undertaking Triathlons, culminating in a Half Ironman in his first season, as well as representing the Royal Navy in Hockey and Tennis. He has continued to enjoy swimming, cycling and running. He did the London to Brighton cycle race in 2008 and re-commenced Triathlons in 2010 which built up to him completing the Mallorcan Ironman in September 2015. A snapped Achilles has curtailed his Ironmans for a while, but he plans to do a half in 2021. He spends his free time with his family, walking his dogs and ensuring his garden does not become a jungle.

In late 2012, he and his family decided to move from Buckinghamshire back to the Southwest, to be closer to family and friends. He still deals with clients from all over the country and prides himself on providing the same exceptional level of service to his clients no matter where they are based.

Want independent verification of Nick's background? Our website includes client feedback from Nick's clients and you can also check Nick's credentials with the Law Society.

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Lisa Routh

Lisa Routh grew up in the West Country in Yeovil, Somerset and after taking her A Levels moved to London to undertake a Business Studies degree. After her studies she worked in marketing for a mail order company, producing catalogues and flyers for the education sector. From here she moved to head up a marketing team for a European consulting and training business and produced even more brochures, but this time in 3 languages! She had a brief marketing directorship for a Reuters joint venture and then after 18 months moved back to head up the global training business at her previous firm and worked hard to extend it’s reach into the US and Asian markets.

She thoroughly enjoyed her job, and in particular loved building the strong team and working with external suppliers to create focused business solutions for clients. Once children came along and Nick decided to set up his own practice, she decided to put her efforts in to helping to build up this practice.

Once established and following the move to the West Country, Lisa looked at other ways she could contribute to the practice and the well-being of clients. Her previous experience in finding solutions for clients and managing a diverse team, together with the legal knowledge gained over the previous 6 years, led to her decision to train as a civil mediator. This is now an important role within the practice, meaning Routh Clarke can offer clients many different ways to resolve their civil disputes.

Lisa is also responsible for the Complaints procedure within the firm and is the COFA, meaning she ensures client's money is not misused and is held safely in the Routh Clarke Client bank accounts.

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