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At Routh Clarke we can help you in many different ways. We try to be as flexible as possible and provide a service that matches not only your legal needs, but your budget.

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Our Services

Legal Advisor

This is where we can act for you in the background of your case. We will give you guidance and advice and help you fill in all the necessary forms, but you will be the person who communicates with the court and the other side. You will also represent yourself at court by being a Litigant in Person (LIP) and we will ensure you follow all the legal procedures, so your case runs smoothly.

Legal Representation

This is the full legal service where we will do all the work involved in your case, from giving advice to filling in court forms, negotiating with the other side and sometimes even representing you at court. This means you are left to get on with your life and we take on the stress of the legal process.

Representation at Court

Nick is a Solicitor Advocate who trained as a barrister, converted to a Solicitor and then gained his Higher Rights of Audience, so he can take a case all the way to the High Court, if required. This means he can stay with you no matter how far your case goes. Or, if you have been dealing with your case yourself without the aid of a solicitor, but you now need to go to court and do not want to be a Litigant in Person, Nick can help present your case at court. Call him now to see how he can help you.


We have an experienced in-house civil mediator and we can recommend specialist Family mediators. The Family court now requires you to have tried mediation before issuing proceedings at court. There may also be cost implication in Civil courts if you do not consider mediation. With the massive rise in court fees, mediation can be a more economic option for many people. Plus, most people prefer having an input into the solution of the dispute, rather than having a judge decide and them not always making the decision you wanted. Many civil cases do find resolution at mediation, meaning a solicitor is only needed to formalise the agreement and help gain ratification of your agreement by the court. This is often the most cost effective solution to your legal issues.

McKenzie Friend

With legal aid being substantially reduced, court fees constantly increasing and barristers charging high fees, more and more people are having no choice but to represent themselves in court i.e. being a Litigant In Person (LIP). A McKenzie friend is someone who attends court with you to provide moral support, help with case papers and to take notes. They can quietly advise on issues like procedures and points of law, any issues you may wish to raise in court and advise on questions to ask witnesses. These services are provided at a substantially lower cost than a barrister or solicitor advocate.