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Slips, trips and fall accidents happen everyday, causing all level of injuries from a sprained wrist to severe back and neck injuries and even to psychological issues. Compensation can be claimed when the accident has taken place where someone else is responsible for your safety, such as on a public pavement, a supermarket car park or in your place of work. However, these claims can sometimes be very hard to make, as you need to prove that the accident was out of your control, or that your injury was caused by another party being negligent. That’s why you need a specialist solicitor on your side from the beginning, so all the necessary evidence can be obtained to make your claim a successful one.

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Understanding Personal Injury Claims

How and where do most slip, trips and falls occur?

Slips generally occur where surfaces are wet or slippery. In public and work places, this may be due to negligence, especially if it’s a wet floor that was not been properly cleaned and dried. When cleaning takes place appropriate signs are meant to be provided to indicate wet surfaces and if they are not and you have had an accident, the respective company may be liable. However if the accident has occurred on a public pavement due to weather conditions, the council may not be held liable. On the other hand if the accident happened in a car park of a shop or hospital or other similar place, the owner may be liable.

Tripping or falling over work equipment or wires that are left lying around is a common occurrence. The resulting fall may cause serious injuries leaving you unable to work for a long period of time. These are some of the situations that can lead to claims being made.

In all instances the location, circumstances, plus the evidence will be vital to ensure a positive outcome. We are here to help you through the complex Personal Injury Claims Process to ensure you are treated fairly and receive the best possible compensation for your injuries.

How much compensation will I receive?

For every slip, trip or fall claim, we strive to maximise the damages we recover for you, which include not only damages for your personal injury, but any medical costs , loss of earnings, loss of possessions such as clothes, and sometimes future care costs. In some circumstances we will also be able to gain you payments on account to tide you over until you receive you total compensation.

How will my legal costs be paid?

We deal with accident compensation claims under a Conditional Fee Agreement, which used to be known as a “no win no fee agreement”. If you have any Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) through home insurance, this may indemnify you against any costs. It is even possible, in many instances, to gain After The Event (ATE) insurance if required.

How long will my Slip, Trip or Fall claim take?

For accidents occurring after the 31st July 2013, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has introduced a streamlined claim process. This means a straightforward accident claim that runs through this process should reach settlement in about nine months. However, many claims fall out of this process, due to their complexity or perhaps the particular body responsible for your accident denying liability and this can extend the time needed to reach an agreeable settlement. For more information on what happens during a work accident claim, please see our Personal Injury Claims Process

How can I make a Slip, Trip or Fall claim?

The first thing to do is contact us, so we can talk to you about your accident and help you decide what your next steps should be. There is absolutely no obligation to use us, but we find most people like our honest, friendly and straight forward approach. You will always deal with the same solicitor who has many years experience dealing in this type of law. They will be there to hold your hand every step of the way, having your best interests at heart and ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. If you already have a solicitor and are not happy with their level of service, then contact us now to find out how to change solicitors.

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