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Changing Solicitors

If you are not happy with the level of service, communication or advice your solicitor is giving you and you are thinking of changing solicitors, there are questions you should ask yourself first. Here are some we believe may help:

  • Who chose the solicitors and why? If they were appointed for you then it is unlikely you checked their reputation first. If you appointed them, was this on a recommendation, based on research or simply because they answered the phone?
  • What are you unhappy about? Is it the level of service or the quality of advice received? If it is a service issue this may be something they can address, but it may be part of an underlying problem with the whole of their representation. If it is a quality of advice issue, then ring around other solicitors to get a second opinion (usually given for free).
  • Are you never able to talk to your solicitor or get a response to letters? Good solicitors are usually busy solicitors, so a lack of prompt response may be explained by this. Also, if you are corresponding with them more than once a week, it could be too much. However, the same problems can be experienced with solicitors who are not very experienced at what they are doing. The job of a solicitor is to let a client know what to expect and when they can expect it and then to deliver on that. If you are not being told what to expect and when, then they are not doing their job properly.
  • Are they failing to deliver on what they said they would achieve? The golden rule is to under-promise and over-deliver. However, we have regularly been faced with enquiries where other solicitors have made promises we are not prepared to make, as we do not believe the promises being made are realistic and/or achievable.
  • When looking for a solicitor you should ask who will be dealing with your case and consider the amount of experience they have of personal injury work and road traffic accidents. A simple rule is, the more important the case is to you the more experienced lawyer you need. You also need to check whether a qualified lawyer (solicitor or barrister) will be dealing with your case.

We specialise in personal Injury claims. You will have a qualified lawyer handling your case who is experienced in all aspects of these types of claims and their main aim will be to give you a very high level of service, professionalism and above all vast experience of the law and the legal process in this area to bring you the best level of damages possible.

If you are thinking of changing solicitor you may be reluctant to discuss this with your current solicitor, as this may be a conflict you wish to avoid. We always recommend you speak to other solicitors first and have a good idea of who you want to transfer to. You then have to decide if you should complain first or just move. However, if you are using a Legal Expenses Insurance appointed solicitor, you may be obliged to bring a complaint for them to authorise a change under the policy. We can guide you through this and find most solicitors, in those circumstances, would rather an unhappy client go elsewhere, than stay with them against their wishes.

The first thing to do is contact us, so we can talk to you about your accident and help you decide what your best way forward is.

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