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Motorcycle Accident Claim - Vehicle Defects

When the question of motorcycle accident liability occurs you must remember that you are under an obligation to maintain your motorcycle and ensure it is roadworthy. What you do not expect is for your motorbike to fall apart or your brakepads to fall out when you have just bought it or had it serviced. On motorcycles such incidents can be fatal.

We have had to deal with cases from frames that have fallen apart to locked-up brakes, side-stand switches that have sporadically shut the engine off and carb icing. It will come as no surprise that no motorcycle manufacturer or servicer/repairer willingly accepts they have put a dangerous motorcycle on the road. You therefore need experienced legal help in such situations.

Keep everything. Do not let the manufacturer or your insurer near your motorbike until you have spoken to a solicitor. If the manufacturer replaces your motorbike, or it is repaired before evidence is obtained you may be unable to prove your case.

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