Funding of financial proceedings

Private vs Public Funding

Generally speaking the majority of these matrimonial financial cases will need to be privately funded, as Public funding (legal aid) for this area of work has been severely restricted since April 2013 and may only be obtained if domestic violence is being suffered. When public funding is gained, there may also be a statutory charge. This means, if you gain a financial benefit from the case, you may need to pay some money back at the end of the proceedings. We have a variety of payment options for clients, including paying via monthly direct debit and occasionally at the end of the case once finances have been split and liquidated. We endeavor to be as flexible as possible to ensure best value for our clients.

This area of law can sometimes become quite expensive as financial affairs can be complex. We encourage use of dispute resolution methods such as mediation to solve as many issues as possible, so that we concentrate on the legal aspects, so keeping costs down. We can also work in the background for you, rather than “going on the record”. This means the court will see you as a Litigant-In-Person, but we will be helping in the background to ensure you apply for all the necessary orders and follow the correct court procedures. We are here to advise you, contact us now on 01935 823883 to discuss how we can help you.

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