Procedure for Obtaining a Financial Order in Divorce or Dissolution

If your attempts at settling financial matters between yourselves have failed, you will have no choice but to make an application to Court for financial orders to be made. You will be best served at this point to employ the skills of a solicitor as not only are there a great number of financial orders you could apply for and so a number of forms to fill in, but the Courts insist on the correct procedure being followed. You are at risk of your case being thrown out if you do not follow the process to the letter. We would suggest you read the HM Courts and Tribunal service information leaflet entitled “I want to apply for a financial order” before doing anything.

We have created a Financial Orders flowchart to simplify this process for you. If you would like to know anymore information on how this process works, please contact us on 01935 823883 and we can explain in more detail.

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