Re-marriage or entering into a civil partnership before applying for financial relief

If you re-marry or enter into a new civil partnership before you apply for financial relief, you may find you no longer have an entitlement to anything. Even worse, while you may no longer have an entitlement to claim, your ex will still be able to claim unless they have re-married/entered into a new civil partnership as well. If property is involved then the Court will have some power to deal with this, but the considerations are much more restrictive and may boil down to who paid for what, rather than taking into account all matters. In addition, capital gains tax exemption expires 1 year after "separation" so if you delay resolving matters you may find you face a hefty tax bill as well.

What are your next steps?

As this is such a complex area of law, it is always wise to discuss your situation with a solicitor, even if you agreeing your finances via mediation or between yourselves. We are experts in this area of law, so contact us now on 01935 823883 to ensure you receive a fair result.

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