Family Law Costs

We try to provide you with as focused a service as possible to help you keep family law costs down. Here are some points you need to be aware of:

  1. On a divorce the losing party can occasionally be ordered to pay the other side's costs of pursuing the divorce. However, often a divorce will be agreed on the basis that each party pays their own costs or the respondent pays half the legal costs of the other side.
  2. When dealing with the financial disputes following a divorce, it is unusual for either party to recover their costs. The other side must have acted unreasonably for this to change. The costs usually come out of what that party receives instead. However, if you receive nothing your solicitor will still need to be paid.
  3. On children matters costs are very rarely recovered and all parties generally pay their own. Costs Orders will normally be made only where there is unreasonableness in the manner the litigation has been approached, with a wide margin of leeway normally being given.
  4. If you are arguing over a property you lived in as co-habitees, then either the loser pays or the costs come out of the equity before this is distributed.
  5. Where an injunction is applied for due to domestic violence, the losing party pays. Injunctions are often compromised by undertakings, in which case, unless there is a specific agreement on costs or an Order made by the court, you have to pay your own costs.

Our rates are considerably lower than most of our competitors due to the fact we are able to pass our efficiency savings on to you. We also offer options for paying as you go or in some circumstances, paying at the end.

The main methods of funding family cases are as follows:

  1. Private funding - you or someone, who is prepared to pay on your behalf, agrees to pay a lawyer for the work done in representing you;
  2. Legal Aid - since April 1st 2013, changes to Legal Aid mean you may be able to access legal aid to get help to resolve your family dispute with mediation. Legal aid is also available for cases involving domestic abuse and child abduction cases. However it will always depend on your ability to pay. Visit the Ministry of Justice website to find out more.

You may have heard of conditional or contingent fees, where a lawyer is paid based on results. Unfortunately neither methods of funding are permitted in family cases.

Our main aim is to make sure our clients get the best possible advice and gain the best outcome for them whilst ensuring costs are kept to a reasonable level. If you would like to speak to someone who can advise on the best way forward, then contact us today.

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