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Civil Litigation Dispute Solicitors

At Routh Clarke Solicitors in Somerset we specialise in Civil Litigation Law and work in partnership with many clients to help them resolve their civil disputes, contract issues and non-payment of debts. We are experienced in both bringing claims against individuals and companies and defending claims. We are here to give you some initial free advice on the best way to proceed and generally suggest you try to work through your differences, before instructing a solicitor, as that’s the most practical and economic solution. However, if you are unable to resolve the dispute, we are here to help you find a resolution, either by negotiation, mediation or as a final resort, court proceedings.

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Resolving Civil Disputes

Is Court the best way to resolve a dispute?

Court action is not only expensive, but frustratingly time consuming, particularly with the present time delays in our court system, presently 56 weeks from making a claim, to a trial concluding. This means it is always wise to explore dispute resolution methods and to try to negotiate a settlement rather than automatically going to court. However, if your opponent is acting unreasonably and your case is strong, vigorously pursuing them through the courts will be the only way to resolve your dispute.

What types of civil claims do Routh Clarke cover?

Apart from the other ones listed in this section on legal disputes, we are experienced in handling all sorts of civil claims including:

Breach of contract – We have helped many individuals and SME business with their contract disputes. Every contract is different, some will be very formal with volumes of “small print”, others will be unwritten and others will be the result of long-standing and informal business dealings. Whatever the contract, we will quickly assess the terms so we can advise you on your legal standing. We will advise you on the best way forward and then if desired, we can act for you to help resolve the dispute.

Professional negligence - Professionals, such as accountants, solicitors, surveyors and architects, owe a duty of care when giving you advice. If this advice is incorrect or misleading and causes you loss or damage, we can help you decide whether to seek compensation and then pursue the claim for you.

Trust of Land (ToLATA) disputes - Many of the cases we see in this area are when couples split up and the ownership, or their “interest” in a property comes into dispute and they disagree with the proportion each of them should receive when it is sold, or the ownership transferred. We help our clients to gain their rightful interest and have even done so when other solicitors have failed.

What are the next steps?

We understand the devastating effect contract disputes can have on your business and life. Our experience of working for and with a range of individuals and businesses - from sole traders to shopkeepers and to other SME’s - means we can quickly assess the implications a contract disagreement will have and can then provide considered and practical advice to enable you to reach a financially viable solution.

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