Who Is Working On Your Case?

Solicitors firms will often do everything they can to avoid explaining the qualifications of the "lawyer" conducting the file. This is a reflection of the fact that work is usually "dumbed down" to the lowest qualified (or unqualified) person who can do it. It is a fundamental term of the retainer that you are represented by a solicitor unless you are told otherwise. To get round this, solicitors firms give various vague descriptions of the person conducting the file.

If the retainer does not call the person dealing with the file a solicitor, a barrister or a Fellow of the Institute of Legal executives, then the person is probably not qualified. The most common misleading descriptions we come across are Litigation Executive and Litigation Manager. Both mean the person has no professional legal qualifications apart from having worked in a law firm.

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How Does It Work At Routh Clarke?

At Routh Clarke, we work differently, you will always have a Grade A solicitor (i.e. 8 years experience post-qualification) working on your case, but you will only be charged according to the level of work done. We think this brings consistency to your case and brings better results at a more cost effective level.

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