Change of Name

How easy is it to change your name?

You are entitled to be known by whatever name you like, so a change of name is not usually a problem, provided this is not to commit a fraud. There are no specific formalities required, although you will only be able to obtain a passport or driving licence in your new name, if you enter into a formal change of name deed or have other evidence of your change of name.

What happens when you get married or enter into a civil partnership?

Upon marriage or entering into a civil partnership you are entitled to adopt the name of your spouse. The marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate will usually suffice as evidence of the change of name. Banks and other formal institutions are likely to want to see the original.

What happens when you get divorced or dissolve a civil partnership?

Upon divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership you are entitled to revert back to using your maiden name. Production of your divorce certificate or dissolution certificate will normally be sufficient evidence of the change of name.

Unsurprisingly, people are often not prepared to wait. They revert to their maiden name before the divorce or dissolution comes through. This can cause problems with the divorce or dissolution. It is essential that there is continuity through the papers otherwise you may have problems proving you are divorced or the partnership has been dissolved in the future. In particular, if the paperwork is not perfect you may not be able to obtain a new passport or open a new bank account. Our advice is to wait until the divorce or dissolution is completed. For your fee consultation please call us on 01935 823883.

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