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Car Accident Advice

Gather Evidence

We hear, all too often, cases where at the scene of an accident, one party admits liability to the other, but a week or so later once insurance companies have been contacted, you will hear the other party is denying liability. That’s why it’s vital to gain as much evidence at the scene of the accident as possible, even if the police are present and are taking evidence. If you are able, take photos of the scene, record witness names and contact details, plus the other party’s car and contact details. If you are unable to, perhaps ask an uninjured passenger or onlooker to help – you’d be amazed at how willing people are to help you in the circumstances.

Talking to the Police

The police will be keen to talk to you after any accident that has taken place. While you may be distressed and not thinking straight, whatever response you give at or shortly after the accident is likely to be regarded as the truth. Our driving offences guides below will help you out during this difficult time.

Whilst the police are supposed to ask you to sign their note of any discussion, sometimes this does not happen. This may leave you denying you said something an officer has recorded.


Should the police prosecute you after an accident you are still entitled to pursue a claim against the other party. While a conviction may be evidence of at least partial fault, the other driver may also be partly to blame. If the prosecution fails, it is evidence of nothing. Acceptance of a driver improvement course is proof only of the fact you did not wish to go to Court and risk points on your licence or a disqualification.


When considering road traffic accidents the conviction must be relevant to the liability issues. A defective exhaust, making excessive noise for example, may have had nothing to do with a pedestrian walking into your path and may actually help your case. We have set out the most common offences relevant to liability that we come across in car accidents. However, if you are not certain about the position you are in it costs nothing to talk to us.

How can Routh Clarke help you?

If you have had an accident where you, a passenger or another party has been injured, you will need advice on the best way to go forward. Added to this, if the police are also going to prosecute you for a drivng offence, your best way forward is to speak to a solicitor. Nick Routh is an experienced lawyer who has dealt with many contentious car accident injury claims, including ones where drivers have also been prosecuted for a driving offence. In these circumstances it is possible to gain compensation for your injuries, but you need a good lawyer on your side. So call us today to see if we can help you.