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Cycling Safely - Traffic Lights

Traffic lights do not give a road user an absolute entitlement to proceed along a road or across a junction. They indicate you are authorised to proceed provided it is safe to do so. You have to pay attention to other vehicles and pedestrians at the same time.

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What Does The Law Say About Traffic Lights?

Is it legal to cross a red light?

Travelling through a red traffic light is a common criticism levied at cyclists, particularly in cities. In heavy traffic areas there is a school of thought who say it is safer to cross a red light than to wait and be crushed by traffic. However, that does not make it legal to do so. If an accident then occurs, the cyclist is likely to be found at least partly to blame.

Case Study

In 2011 the Court, in Malasi v Attmed, held a taxi driver partly to blame for hitting a cyclist who had crossed a red light. The taxi driver had proceeded through a green light at road junction, but was still found 20% to blame for the accident, as he was travelling above the speed limit and too fast for the junction. This case reinforced the fact that a vehicle is a lethal weapon and any driver on the road has to drive taking into account that other road users may make mistakes.

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